Aveta Midwifery is currently the home of midwives Nicole Seguin and Hailea Caldwell. Nicole and Hailea provide comprehensive maternity care to pregnant individuals and their families. Their years of experience and calm, confident, personalized approach help make the journey into parenthood a positive and transformative one.

Choosing midwifery care is an important step in ensuring your birth experience is a positive one. Studies show midwifery clients have lower rates of infection, cesarean births, forceps or vacuum deliveries and newborns that require resuscitation.

If you are interested in care with Aveta Midwifery, please fill in our client intake form. Please make sure you check your SPAM folders as sometimes our replies are mistakenly flagged. For general questions, please reach out to us through our contact form.

Postpartum Referrals

We are now accepting postpartum referrals from health-care providers as well as from clients, who can self-refer. Go to our postpartum intake form.

Midwifery Care. Did you know?

Midwifery care is covered by your BC Care Card

BC’s Medical Services Plan pays for midwifery care. This includes regular clinic visits as well as home visits in early labour and after you’ve had your baby.

Choice of Birthplace

With a midwife, you can choose hospital or home birth. Some clients wish to labour at home with their midwife before moving to hospital to have their baby. Hospitals where you can birth include Royal Columbian Hospital and Ridge Meadows Hospital, with Surrey Memorial Hospital as our back up site.

Continuity of Care

One of the key features of midwifery care is that you will get to know the midwife who will be caring for you at your birth. Your care will be managed by one midwife with a back-up midwife available in the event your primary midwife is unavailable. We book a small number of clients each month to prevent conflict and you will have opportunities to meet you back up midwife, to ensure you get to know them.

Personalized Comprehensive Care

We offer 30-45 minute appointments to ensure we answer questions and get to know you and your family. We also give you the latest evidence based information in maternity care and the time to ask questions. We offer all routine prenatal and postnatal testing, including genetic screening in early pregnancy if you wish.

Collaborative Model

Midwives are specialists in maternity care for normal, healthy individuals and their babies. If something is not normal your midwife will arrange for you or your baby to visit with a specialist to ensure the most appropriate plan of care.


Pregnancy is a normal healthy process that should be regarded as one. In our age of information overload it can also be scary and fraught with choices. Midwifery care offers experienced guidance to understand and safely manage the many choices available to you and build your confidence and knowledge base as you move into parenthood.

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