About Aveta Midwfery


My journey in becoming a registered midwife began when I was accepted into the Ryerson University Midwifery Education Program in 1995. Prior to starting Aveta Midwifery, I practiced in New Westminster, Vancouver, Maple Ridge, and Toronto. I have had the privilege over the years of helping hundreds of women birth; and hundreds of babies into the world both at home and in hospital.

I believe birth is one of the most powerful, life changing events a woman experiences and it is an honour to be included in that experience. One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is when I can help to make that experience a wonderful one for all involved. I believe strongly in the model of informed choice decision-making and feel my job is to empower you with knowledge and choices about your care. There is no one way to birth. You should feel comfortable and supported in your birth and all aspects of care.

I am a graduate of the Ryerson University Midwifery Education Program and am an experienced prenatal educator and breastfeeding specialist. In my full-time practice in Ontario, prior to moving to BC I worked largely with women new to Canada and women facing a variety of other challenges in their lives.

Before becoming a midwife I worked as a Community Health Worker for over 10 years with the Regent Park Community Health Centre located in Toronto. My work focused on working with families around issues of poverty, housing, food and income access. Midwifery became a natural extension of my desire to work with women and their families, respect their voices and choices, and work in the health care field.

I am also the mom of two wonderful kids, Cory and Molly. Both were born into the caring hands of midwives and my birth experiences with them strengthened my desire to become a midwife. My first child was born at home, the second in the hospital. My personal and professional experience is extensive and I look forward to sharing it with you as your midwife.

Growing up a daughter to a nurse-midwife, the art of catching babies has always fascinated me. Learning a lot from my mother’s old books, I have grown to be passionate about pregnancy and reproductive health. From a young age, I knew midwifery was just the career for me, and so I worked hard to achieve that goal. Originally from Coquitlam, British Columbia, I moved to Ontario to obtain my midwifery degree. I graduated from the Midwifery Education program at McMaster University, and I am extremely excited to be back in beautiful B.C and working alongside the wonderful midwives at Aveta.

Before being accepted to the program, I had volunteered as a Doula and took courses in Global Women’s Health and Aboriginal Studies to expand my horizons and better prepare myself for the road ahead. Throughout my 4 years in university, I have had the opportunity to complete many different clinical placements across Southern Ontario; as well as to work with the amazing individuals at Maxxine Wright Community Health Centre in Surrey, B.C. I have also volunteered with the University’s Queer Student Community Centre, where I provided an open space and peer support to all LGBTQ students who accessed the space. Throughout my education, I organized home-birth info nights, provided prenatal classes and information sessions about midwifery to youth and new-comers,.

Being fluent in English, Russian, and Hebrew, has given me the privilege to connect with people of different backgrounds, and to help enrich the care they receive. It is a core belief and a passion of mine to provide people with choices to ensure their care is personalized and caters to their unique needs. Pregnancy, birth, and parenthood are one of the most intimate, humbling, and vulnerable stages in peoples lives. They are times when individuals should be supported, empowered, and respected for their wishes. Every story is unique and sacred and it is an honor to share a part in it. I am looking forward to being welcomed into your journey and taking part in your holistic care here at Aveta Mdiwifery.


I have always enjoyed working with people in a meaningful way, and what better way than in the transformative time of pregnancy and birth. In my early twenties I spent several years working as a community support worker with differently abled persons, coupled with volunteer doula work in a rural community. I developed a firm interest in the power of birth and parenthood, and this led me to pursue my Midwifery degree.

Two years of study at SFU provided me with a fundamental knowledge of Health Sciences and Kinesiology before I was accepted into the Midwifery program at UBC. During my studies at UBC I volunteered with a diverse population, including persons with addictions in pregnancy through the Fir Square Doula program, supported rural families in locations such as Salt Spring Island and the Sunshine Coast, lived with Seabird Island First Nations, and participated in research around mental health in the postpartum. I attended nearly 100 births in my practicum in the Midwifery program!

In my spare time I enjoy being in nature, sculpting clay, and spending time with my three year old daughter and my husband . I look forward to meeting each of you on your journeys to parenthood!